How to Talk to Your Healthcare Practitioner

Starting your Journey with Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids may be an effective management strategy for various conditions including chronic pain, multiple sclerosis spasticity and nausea/vomiting induced from chemotherapy. However, cannabinoids may not be for everybody as individual responses differ from one person to another. We recommend that you discuss the use of cannabinoids with your healthcare practitioner to determine if this option is appropriate for you.

Your healthcare practitioner will first assess the possible benefits and risks associated with cannabinoids. Once you and your healthcare practitioner have determined that this option is right for you, you will be provided with an authorization (which is similar to a prescription) enabling you to register and order so that you can begin your journey.

It is important to have an open, honest dialogue with your healthcare practitioner and to collaborate with them as you begin your cannabinoid journey. Before your appointment, consider what you would want to ask or discuss and prepare any necessary information you may need for your visit. Consider writing all this information down or use the checklist below, along with the resources on our website to help facilitate your discussions.

Remember, developing an open and collaborative relationship with your healthcare practitioner is important when beginning your journey with cannabinoids. This will allow your healthcare practitioner to develop a personalized management strategy and determine the optimal formulation for you and your condition.

Before you visit your healthcare practitioner, consider using this checklist (PDF is fillable and can be sent via email or printed) to help you remember all the important information you would like to discuss about your condition, medical history and management strategies.