Dosing and Administration Guidelines

The Right
Ratio for

ZYUS' cannabinoid formulations are developed with the patient in mind, offering consistent, high-quality formulations carefully designed with specific ratios to make dosing convenient and simple. We encourage discussing the full range of therapeutic options with your healthcare practitioner (“HCP”) so they can tailor a personalized management strategy for your condition. Your HCP will have insight into your medical history that will help them assist you in making an informed decision about how to begin your cannabinoid therapy, especially as it relates to dosing.

It is important that you work with your healthcare practitioner (HCP) to select a formulation that is right for you. An alternate formulation may be recommended to you if you do not experience symptom relief after 14 days of use.

Step 1

Start with a Low Dose

Step 2

Titrate up as Needed

Step 3

Monitor Symptoms

Use a journal, such as the ZYUS patient journal to monitor your journey with cannabinoids and share your progress with your healthcare practitioner

Step 4

Contact your HCP

If you have any questions, talk to your healthcare practitioner or reach out to the ZYUS Patient Care Centre if you have further questions

How to Take Your ZYLEM Oil Formulation

Open ZYLEM oil formulation bottle

  • To open the bottle, push the bottle cap downward and twist it counter-clockwise. The bottle cap will loosen and you may lift to remove.

Insert syringe into bottle

  • Before insertion, ensure the syringe plunger is pushed down completely. Carefully insert the syringe into the bottle by pressing it downwards. Secure the syringe by twisting it counter-clockwise until its tip is fixed into the bottle mouth.

Draw the dose from bottle

  • Once the syringe is fixed firmly into the bottle, carefully invert the set-up so that the bottle faces downward. Slowly pull the plunger to draw the formulation from the bottle and monitor the amount being extracted using the edge of the plunger. Begin with the dose authorized by your healthcare practitioner (HCP) and titrate accordingly. Remember to track your dosing journey to share with your HCP.

Restore bottle in an upright position

  • Once you have drawn your dose, support the syringe and bottle and slowly re-position the set-up so that your bottle is in an upright position.

Remove syringe from bottle

  • Slowly remove the syringe (by the barrel) from the bottle in an upward motion. Do not remove the syringe by the plunger.

Taking dose from syringe

  • Angle the syringe above your mouth and tilt it downward. Slowly press the plunger to release the formulation and drop carefully into your mouth. Dropping it underneath the tongue is not required. You can take your oil with or without food, although we recommend taking it with a small amount food that are rich in healthy fats as it may increase absorption of the oil and could reduce side effects. Avoid taking your oil with citrus food or drinks as it could interfere with its absorption.

How to Clean Your Syringe

Your syringe should be washed prior to first use and can be re-used once it has been thoroughly cleaned. To clean your syringe:

  1. Disassemble it into its components and carefully clean with dish soap (use sparingly) and water.
  2. Use clean warm water to rinse thoroughly and reassemble the syringe.
  3. Draw hot water into your syringe until it reaches the edge of the plunger.
  4. Shake your syringe and tap it for at least 30 seconds. Press down on the plunger to release water.
  5. Repeat steps 3 – 4 three more times.
  6. Leave syringe disassembled to air dry before next use.

    When cleaning your syringe, ensure you use clean water. Do not reuse water.