Mission and Values

More Care,
Less Suffering

At ZYUS, we are redefining the role of phyto-therapeutic manufacturers to be more medical, ethical and humanitarian.

Despite treatment, many patients continue to suffer. Together, we can shift the focus towards raising awareness of the need for improved management options to restore health and well-being.

ZYUS champions the importance of patient comfort in compassionate care. Through this lens, we have come to believe a good outcome goes far beyond survival. A good outcome involves improvement in the quality of life.

Healthcare Live
Up to Its Promise

We help patients and healthcare practitioners expect more out of healthcare.

ZYUS is committed to accelerating the adoption of phyto-therapeutics, while helping healthcare practitioners leverage the power of cannabinoids to optimize the therapeutic benefits.

By driving conversations around the role of cannabinoids in medicine, we can combat the stigma surrounding it and unlock new opportunities to expand its uses and benefits.

the Science
of Well-Being

We are forging a new industry of phyto-therapeutics by elevating cannabinoids as a standard of care and expanding the potential of protein-based formulations, in pursuit of transformational change on patients' lives.

Beyond delivering high-quality and consistent formulations, ZYUS is committed to evolving innovative research and clinical trials to promote a medical understanding of cannabinoids and to build the confidence in phyto-therapeutics.