Introducing Phyto-Therapeutics

The Power of Plant-Made Therapeutics

Phyto-therapeutics is a term used to describe a class of plant-made formulations. For millennia, people have been harnessing the power of plants to manage both mental and physical conditions. Well-known products such as aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) have ancient origins in natural, plant-made compounds.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Phyto-Therapeutics

Today, the field of phyto-therapeutics has advanced significantly. Innovations in science and technology have enabled researchers to identify and capture the clinical potential of plants, such as cannabis, and utilize modern industrial methods to develop pharmaceutical-grade therapeutic formulations that are of high-quality and consistency.

Forging New Pathways in Medicine

The global medical community is recognizing phyto-therapeutics as an alternative or complement to pharmaceutical medicine. As a phyto-therapeutic pioneer, ZYUS is working closely with researchers, healthcare policy makers and practitioners to define the standards and protocols for cannabinoid use.

Therapeutic Formulations from a Trusted Source

At ZYUS, we place the utmost importance on ensuring our therapeutic formulations are high-quality and consistent for the patients we serve. Our formulations undergo rigorous testing from production and packaging to distribution, to ensure we produce standardized therapeutic formulations.

We adhere to the national and international standards for pharmaceutical production and distribution of products. Our facility will be inspected by regulators to verify our compliance to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The GMP principles apply to the production process, cleaning of equipment and facilities, raw materials along with packaging and distribution. Our robust quality management system focuses on operational excellence that will not only meet regulatory expectations, but exceed them. We strive to conduct business in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, codes, and standards.

Cannabinoids Rooted in Quality

We are devoted to sourcing dried cannabis as a raw material exclusively from licensed producers regulated by Health Canada. As part of the vetting process, ZYUS maintains standards that not only meets but exceeds Health Canada’s Good Production Practices (GPP).

State-of-the-Art Extraction Technology

We refine our cannabinoid extracts in an industry leading, pharmaceutical-grade ethanol extraction facility to enable production on a global scale. Ethanol extraction allows for cannabinoids to be extracted from raw material using food grade alcohol. This method provides higher extraction efficiency compared to other methods while ensuring the highest product quality and shelf life. After the extraction process, the alcohol and excess water are removed by evaporation that results in a concentrated resin that is heated to activate the therapeutic benefit of cannabinoids. Pharmaceutical-grade olive oil is used as a carrier oil due to its antioxidant benefits, anti-microbial properties, low allergenic indices and subtle taste.