Who We Are



ZYUS is inspired by science. Born from the abstraction of ‘science’ and ‘zygote’ (the fusion of two cells), we represent the beginning of life and the importance of improving quality of life. We believe in taking a forward, collaborative approach and place high value in our teamwork, partnerships and commitment to the broader ‘us' - society. We believe that together, we can bring phyto-therapeutics to the global medical market.

ZYUS is a Canadian-based, next-generation life sciences company leading scientific research and development in phyto-therapeutics. We are committed to delivering high-quality standardized therapeutic formulations that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to provide targeted relief for our patients.


We aim to shift the paradigm from conventional strategies to focus on improving our patients’ overall quality of life and well-being by harnessing the power of cannabinoids. With science as our driver, we can reimagine the potential of phyto-therapeutics by investing in medical research, clinical trials and advanced process manufacturing. Together, we can establish phyto-therapeutics as a standard of care to restore health and manage disease.


ZYUS was founded by Brent Zettl, the former President and CEO of CanniMed Therapeutics Inc., along with other senior members of the CanniMed leadership team. Brent and his team were the first exclusive supplier of medical cannabis for Health Canada from 2000 to 2014. With over 20 years of experience pioneering the medical cannabis industry, ZYUS has a vision to elevate cannabinoid formulations as a standard of care, reimagine the potential of protein-based therapeutics - in pursuit of transformational impact on patients' lives.